Free Site Inspection & Quotation

Broadway Plantscapers manager Troy will attend to your quotationPlease feel welcome to call us to discuss your needs. We are more than happy to inspect your site and make recommendations regarding choice of plants and positioning before quotation.

(Pictured is our Manager Troy who will attend to your quotation)

Free Design Service

Broadway Plantscapers Indoor Garden Services can help with plant interior designIndoor Garden Services can liaise with architects and interior designers to help you make the right plantscaping decisions. This includes advice on helping to make an impact in foyer and reception areas and creating designated traffic areas, privacy screens and relaxation areas in offices. We will also help you to select appropriate pots or planters to suit your decor or corporate colours. Our expertise is yours – free of charge.


Broadway Plantscapers will install your plantsWith a minimum of interruption, your plants will be installed (no installation fee) within seven days according to the agreed specification.

Should you not be happy with a plant’s position after the “settling in” period, just call us and we will happily relocate to your satisfaction.


Broadway Plantscapers Indoor Garden Services tend to your plants Indoor Garden Services will carefully tend to your plants on a regular basis, taking care of watering, feeding and ensuring that they remain in beautiful, healthy condition.

Should it be necessary, we will replace at no cost, any plant that is not coping with the allocated position.


Broadway Plantscapers Plants & Containers may be purchasedPlants & Containers may be purchased. Containers are available in the most exciting colors and shapes.

An optional plant maintenance agreement will ensure the healthy life of plants purchased.

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